Property management

We set out in property leasing and property management in 2011.

BAM Group owns and leases properties in and around Budapest, as well as in several county capitals and other rural areas of the country. Properties include residential and commercial buildings, and we also offer investment sites for development.

We are constantly expanding our portfolio of rental properties and each year we invest part of the rent in upgrading the existing portfolio, with an openness to incorporating and applying the latest technologies.

Our tasks included and still include the following:

  • preparing mandatory surveys, assessments, and replacement plans of utility assets for regional water providers, e.g., related to projects to be implemented with EU funding, where the resulting database forms the basis of any expansion and reconstruction of the water and wastewater networks;
  • pavement and road shoulder restoration after water mains repairs by regional water providers, pipe bursts, and after residential connection to the water mains involving demolition;   
  • carrying out all types of maintenance and emergency repairs in dwellings and non-residential premises owned by the municipality;
  • maintenance and mowing of inland flood defence facilities, continuous weed clearance of flood protection embankments.

Most of our work is carried out using our own tools and, in the case of regional service providers, we are particularly keen to make the most effective use in our practical work of the surveys, replacement plans, databases and knowledge gained from our specialist work.