Legal and finance

BAM Group is involved in and provides specialist consultancy in management and finances to major international corporations and certain major domestic players, municipalities, and state-owned entities, not specifically in day-to-day management issues, but rather in strategic and structural planning, optimising business organisation, and in developing and operating cost-effective systems.

As a legal expert, we have previously provided public procurement and other procedures and contracts with the use of funds from subsystems of public finance or using EU funds, but we are also proud of our due diligence task carried out back in 2014 in connection with several strategic transactions, such as the repurchase of the largest radio and television broadcaster from a foreign owner.

We have divided our real estate market activities into two divisions, Construction and Development. The latter finances and coordinates the self-invested real estate developments owned by the BAM Group, we are present on the market under the name BAM living, in the form of an independent brand.

We implement our real estate developments entirely with our own capacity and own resources, including legal, financial, technical and sales tasks from concept development through implementation. 

BAM Group is open and committed to constantly expanding its activities, with significant amounts of equity capital being redeployed over the years to research and development, to providing debt management and refinancing for companies in financial crisis, and we also have significant investments in new areas.

We are proud that we have so far invested several million EUR in technological development in healthcare without recourse to external funding, and Smart Guard Technology Zrt., a company owned by BAM Group, has developed an intelligent cardiology solution that makes diagnostic tests in clinical settings an integral part of everyday life, enabling early detection of cardiological diseases and thereby preventing progression to a more severe disease.

In 2016, BAM Group acquired 100% equity in a then bankrupt joint stock company owning the brand “Szigetközi Friss Víz”, and has subsequently rationalised its operations, reached a bankruptcy agreement with the creditors and paid off the debts, ensuring the survival and continued operation of a Hungarian brand known for the quality and purity of its water unique in Europe. “Szigetközi Friss Víz” was sold following the consolidation and is still under Hungarian ownership to this day, and deservedly occupies one of the top positions in the product range of fine dining establishments in Hungary. 

We believe that providing the highest quality of service should not be the prerogative of the world of law or finance but should be expected in other areas of our lives as well. This led us to divert from our principal business activity and create our own beauty brand, opening one of the most sophisticated salons in Budapest in the Duna Tower office building. Our goal was to transfer the approach of maximum professional quality, which is a must in our core business, in a sustainable and affordable way to areas where we nowadays unfortunately see a growing gap between quality of service and the price charged for it.